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Its time for ABC Wednesday again and this time its T….

So T is for Tea… I think I have mentioned this before here too that how addicted I am to my morning cup of tea… cant get to open my eyes without it…

And how I enjoy my morning tea with N and Ojas in the balcony… the feeling is contentment


T is also for trees, something I think all of should understand the importance of…. I think tress are the tonly things that can save mother earth

Both me and N love trees and this is how the front of my house looks like from my terrace


PS: I tried to take a panaroma but I think there is a slight overlap will try and replace the pic….

and this is how my street looks like from the terrace


I think I am extremely lucky to be living in a place that is so green…. and U can see here it becomes colorful in spring

Me and N have also taken a pledge that as long as possible we will plant a tree on each of Ojas bday

This is the one we planted for his birth (a little late actually understandable isnt it)


and this for his 1st birthday


PS: And this is the last post of my blog-a-thon but celebration is another post