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Time : 13:00

Date : 27th May

Place : on the road radio playing in background

The RJ throws an interesting question to the listeners…

they say “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” and this modern times when everyone doesn’t know how to cook what could be the other way to a man’s heart… i really found the question interesting because it makes think beyond the conventions

and here are some of the replies for u

Caller no 1 (male) : there are a lot of ways she can get to the man’s heart but if she wants to stay there she has to know cooking

Caller no 2 (male) : no no there is no other way, its like women need love whatever we do for them but love is needed same way cooking is needed for us

Caller no 3 (female) : emotional intelligence, the girl u should have it (thank god i like this answer)

Caller no 4 (male) : the girl should be dressed in Indian traditional clothes… she should not wear western clothes… all those skimpy clothes are not for Indian girls… (mutalik in the making)

RJ: so by traditional clothes u mean sarees or salwar kameez also? (with a shock and a hint of sarcasm in the voice)

Caller no 4 : ok salwar kameez is fine but they should not wear western clothes

RJ: so do u have a gf?

Caller no 4: yes

RJ: and she wears only salwar kameez

Caller no 4: yes she has to she is a nice girl

Caller no 5 (male) : when i come home after a hard days of work she should give me hot cup of tea and a good leg massage (which world is he living in) and should not argue with me (bascially just shut up and listen to me)

Caller no 6 (male) : the girl should listen to me, should be simple, not wear western clothes, do cooking and other household work and should be loving (this takes the cake isnt I guess the RJ also couldn’t stand it anymore)

RJ: so u mean the girl should be ur doll…

Caller no 6: yes (I mean he said yes to that????)

RJ: oh my my u have the audacity to come and say that on radio too….

Caller no 6: its the truth

RJ: ok may u find urself a doll like that (i had a feeling she wanted to say more but couldn’t)

At this point I switched channels couldn’t stand it anymore…and this in a city which is supposed to be cosmopolitan youth centric city…. and all the callers were young…

If the youth of our conutry are thinking like that do we need a mutalik???? where are we heading to?