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The other day I was talking to one of my friends and we got into talking about hubbies.. . She mentioned that I am very lucky to have found a husband like N who understands and helps in the house… Its a great favor he is doing to me…

Now I agree to her views about N but the word favor she used didn’t go down too well with me so I probed a little more and asked what did she think was a favor?

She went on to say that the biggest thing that he has done is support me so well in a troubled pregnancy… she thinks that he supported me in a way that was appreciable and is not really expected out of men… Now I agree with the first part of the statement but I really really have a problem with the second..

Why is not expected out of men I ask? Is it not their child? If the female can nurture the life in her body, call in for a change for life in her physically and emotionally… why cant the man look after the mother-to-be? Why is it a favor, how is it a favor?

Why is a considerate husband who treats the wife as an equal human being is labeled as JKG?

Why do we call the wives who have such husbands lucky when we don’t call the husbands whose wives help them with the income by stepping out of the house lucky?