Yesterday for some reason I had tuned in to Radio in the afternoon and there was an interesting question being asked by the RJ…”what are the two things that are special for your relation”

but the answers were not so interesting… the routine love, trust, faith etc… I thought that if I had to answer it what would it be…

and I think the top of the list would surely be the drives… the crazy drives we have taken together, from the dream drive that we discussed in one of our initihal meetings 🙂 and executed 2 years later… the delhi-blore drive, i think if there we have to point to one single passion that we share it will have to be the drives… we have done crazy drives… suddenly at 12 in the night one of us would look toward the other and we would know a drive is what is needed and out we go….N has even once woken me up at 4:30am in the night (thats not a typo, if u know u most certainly know its midnight for me ;-)) and said ok change lets go for a drive… and we went off on a nice lovely highway only to stop at a small dhaba for tea and breakfast…. the drives really hold a special position in our relation

and if there is anything else then it has be our love for madness… lol the fights… ok i dont mean i love the fights but they do spice up the relation isnt it? and then u get to know some new things surely after the fight and what the heck let me admit anyways my blog has been labeled as PG isnt the love making post the fight amazing… 😉

So what are the two things that spice your relation (apart from the usual stuff please)