Abha tagged me to share the domestic horrors, oh I have tons :)… since I have got the tag from her I have been thinking which ones to post and which ones to give a skip 😉

And then I remembered something that I did long ago and which takes the cake of all blunders…

I was in school I think either 9 or 10th standard…now usually at home, mom and the younger sisters use to leave very early in the morning, then was me and then in the dad used to leave. Dad that day had some work and was leaving a bit early… So I was the one responsible for locking the house properly, handing over the keys to the neighboring auntie… So I did my morning duties, pressed my clothes, had my breakfast, got ready… checked all the door of the house, checked even the gas and proudly locked the door and handed the key to the auntie the body language suggesting the early teen pride… and off I went to school like a happy bird…

I was still swollen in pride when I reached back home in the afternoon to find a grim and angry faced dad open the door for me… it shocked me like hell when he should be proud of me, he was showing me faces… but just after two minutes my pride was gone, I felt myself melting away like Tom… gosh what a mess the bed was…

Have any of u guessed till now? Ya the smart me left the iron box on and placed on the mattress of the bed…. Luckily dad had forgotten some papers home and came home to pick them and it was discovered before it could damage anything other than the mattress


As the tradition goes I tag the following
Imp’s Mom
Hip Grandmom
and it would be good to hear what guys term as domestic horror…
Prats yes we are tagging each other the partners in the crime called NaBloPoMo 🙂