Preeti started it and Prats converted it in a tag… indeed a lovely one…

So here it goes,

1. You’ve changed my life. – one of my best friends P, he has made me a much more confident person and he is the one who complains of that now :), he has shown me a world that was alien to me, he has shown me a me that was alien to me…thanks P and I know u are reading this. BTW I hope this covers up the complaint that u had about u not being mentioned in the ABC P post, yes P is for u indeed 🙂

2. I need you. – Mom tops this one for sure… specially after I have become one… its strange but u know whatever u are saying she would understand….

3.I really love you- N and Ojas, if there are any two people in this world I would die for,I would want to change the world for they are them… my life right now

4.I’m here for you- needless to mention Ojas… my little baby I am always there for u, but apart from that my younger sis A, dear know that I am here for u whatever comes and always will be…

5.You are a gem – hubby without a doubt… oh sometimes there are times when I think how he stands me but then there are times when I think how I stand him too lol…. but indeed he is a gem my treasured one

So guys go ahead and tell me the your powerful 5, leave a comment with ur answers or write it as a post and leave a link