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I was chatting with Life Begins sometime back and she shared this with me, its basically a man who has taken photos of his children every single day of their life… a 12-year old daughter and a 10-year old son…

Ok now I am a self confessed photography addict and when I just started reading this the idea actually looked pretty cute… go see the collage he is has made there, it does look cute… u can see the progress and growth of both the children, the differences on all stages… its a great documentation but then I read the whole article I read that both the children are now embarrassed of their dad and his hobby and then I thought why?

And then it stuck me its basically putting your life in open out there, but then isnt this we do to our children when we put their pics on the blogs

no no hold I forgot that this is not about uploading pics, this is about clicking them 😉

I was discussing with life begins that when Ojas was born it used to be just madness of clicking snaps, I admit it was an obsession with and even more with my sis…. but now when he is gradually growing up the number of photos that we click of him as are also going down and frankly also is my ability to click him as most of the photos that come out are nothing more than a some bundle of clothes hastily moving around gosh he isnt still for a minute… then how did he manage to click a snap everyday with them posing

so how often do u click your kids?