How much time does it take for you to judge a person, and here I am not talking about judging in a way I talked about here

Here I am talking about judging a person for a job, ok tell me how much time… in my whole career I have taken and given a lot of interviews and I personally think that anymore than may be 2 rounds are a overkill, what do u have to say about it?

And if u guys are wondering why this question suddenly let me tell u that there is one company I am talking to since past 10 days and I have already given 6 rounds of interviews till now (a mix of telephonic and face-to-face) and today they called me again saying that they want to have one more round of video conferencing interview with their US team… sigh???? what are they hiring me for? Prime Minister of India… but then in this recession one cant even complain….

But tell me dont u find this a bit too much 🙂

PS: on a different note this is turning out to be difficult the challenge I mean, when u dont have a compulsion that u have to write ideas keep flowing and now when I know that I have to complete 31 posts by the end of May they are just not coming… and this is only post no 9 that means 22 more are to come… God 🙂