Parul started it, Mandy, Kiran, chandni followed…. and it gave me an idea too, I love the basis of the post, appreciating oneself which we do so rarely

its always good to reflect and be happy…

So here are the 5 things I love about myself.

1. my independent self : I love that I am an independent person, never really needed a dad, brother, a friend, hubby to always take care of me… when i shifted to Bangalore I lived all by myself for about 4 years till I got married and never even for a single day regretted the decision from the angle of needing a hand… yes sometimes one does feel lonely but then that happens when u are living with people too… and most of all when I use the word independent i am love the fact I can take my decisions on my own ofcourse now that there are two lives attached to u that takes a beating at times but I still manage most of the times

2. laugh it all,smiles all the way : I love the fact that I can laugh out aloud… I love the fact that I can laugh on myself, I love the fact that I am smiling most of the time… try to smile when the times are tough somewhere they will get into u and make u feel better
3. causes I stand for : I love the fact that there are some causes dear to my heart and I stand by them no matter what, I have had multiple show downs because of that but I stand by something I stand by it no matter what

4. the loving me : I love the fact that when I love I love totally, I think in almost all relations that I have been I have loved more than being loved… and I love that about myself

5. the adventurous me : I love the adventures of that life throws my way and also love the little adventures that I find along… the bungee jumping, the long drives… i love the adventure that life is

I agree with Mandy when she says its worthy being turned in a tag… so here I tag more people

Imp’s Mom
Indyeah (girl I havent seen a post from u from so long)
Prats (see I gave u one post :))

Go ahead and admire yourself