Some days I had gone to a party with Ojas and met a mother and daughter there (lets call them A and B)

Ojas fascination for chocolates had jus started then and he was wanting a chocolate badly as he had being eyeing one chocolate since the party started.

So B was eating a chocolate sitting on her mom’s lap and Ojas walks upto them and B just pushed him away with both legs, I pulled Ojas back saying no Ojas.. and B started to cry and A started to pacify her, none of them said anything to me… and thats it….

So what I do, I like 90% of the human beings would judged them… I judged that B is exteremely misbehaved and A is total irresponsible

Fast forward one day and A calls me, send me a sms, and sends me a mail… apologizing for what happened

and now what I did… regret… I think it is me who should apologize to them… so being so judgemental, kids will be kids after all… so sorry A,I hope u are reading this…

But after this incident I did realise something that I really couldnt after the debate at Roo’s blog didnt… When we judge people we usually do on the basis on one or two inchidents and that might not be them…

But then while I am writing this my mind is contradicting it again… saying that in this case may be, but is it possible in all cases to not judge?

So how would u have reacted to it? Would u have judged too?