Flashback some years back, a couple who had started dating sometime back were having a leisure lunch at Ebony located on 13th floor overlooking the lovely cubbon road chatting about everything under the earth, the strong emotions playing underneath…

inbetween chatting about the passions, long drives even planning the dream Delhi-Bangalore drive the guy just suddenly holds the girls hand and asks so are comfortable, comfortable to take this relationship to next level?

Yup ladies and gentleman this is how I was proposed… what the heck… I made him compensate sometime later but thats an another post….

Honey I wont say the 5 yrs that have gone by have been only comfortable but u have made the uncomfortable times a little more comfortable to bear…

Happy comfort day my dear….

PS: on a side note I am totally totally addicted to the Farm Town game in facebook…Shail are u listening 🙂