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is it really, i think so.

SO when I saw this tag at Dhiren I was excited and told him that I will take it up but then it was forgotten somewhere. Then Priyanka of me, my hubby and Our baby officially tagged me…

So the rules of this tag are as follows:

“Go into your photo archive,pick the 4th folder in the archive,select the 4th picture in the folder,and write about it.Then tag 4 other people to do the same.”

Now I am extremely organised in my pics (which is a wonder in itself as organised is the last thing that goes with me)

So on this blog I will take up the 4th pic from the general folder and then on Ojas’s blog the 4th pic from Ojas’s folder :))

This pic takes me back in time and just thinking about that day makes my eyes wet, what a day it was… When I was working with Intel I was actively involved in their community work with children and environment and this was one program we did… Children’s Day 2007 was celebrated with the physically and mentally challenged children from the Spastic Society…. We had some dance performances planed, some food and some music, there was also a band which was supposed to play which we all actually thought as a waste as were not sure the children would enjoy the same, but surprise surprise… that was the biggest hit of the day… the children we normally brush aside as physically challenged were dancing away to Summer of 69 and ofcourse the kanada’s numbers…

It was pure delight that day is still fresh in my memory after years and I think will always be

I think most of u have already done the tag but if u havent still consider urself tagged… please do it and leave a comment.