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I really dont know where to start this post its a total random update from the past some weeks…

I am in text mode these days lol, what I mean is I prefer chatting, tweeting, commenting etc etc instead of talking… so guys if I have taken ur calls or not called u back please forgive me I do that when I am a little depressed… ping me on chat will chat for hours together 🙂

Also I am totally enjoying the company of Ojas and mom at home… golden times these are seing my son and my mom bond, what a pleasure

And oh ya yesterday we did, did u?

This was the first time N had casted a vote and he said the feeling is amazing and come to think of it, it does symbolize a lot of freedom isnt it, the freedom to choose our leaders but we have to remember the famous Spiderman lines “With great freedom comes great responsibility”

So make a responsible decision, go caste your vote…