Iya tagged with this lovely tag…. so here is it, little delayed but nonetheless

1 is the no of kids i have and one is also the position he holds in my life, love him to the core, the most important person in my life

2 is the number of younger sisters i have and they are almost like my children too and my best friends too… strange combo right go figure

3 is the number of people i want in the house atleast for sometime, only me, N and ojas… its good to have people around u but I have been dying to have some family time… just the three of us

4 is the number of years we have been living in this house, the house we built together, it was a dream come true, selecting everything together and then seeing it grow brick by brick into a house which we made a home together…. hard work but every bit worth

5 is the number of years i have been married (well 5th year running) to my love and darling N, its been the best years of my life

6 is the number of companies for which I have worked so far…

7 is the number of years I have been living in Bangalore, when i moved here didnt think I would last even 7 months, but its been 7 years…

8 is the number of phones we have the in the household with 6 people, no of phones > no of people, where have we come to?

9 is the number of new sarees i have in my wardrobe waiting to be worn

10 is the number of years of working experience i have, sigh i am so old…

Gosh I thought it would be very easy but some numbers indeed made me think but I really enjoyed doing this…I pass on the tag to

Avaran : someone needs to get him back to blogging