I am numb right now, was watching this news on TV right now… a 11yr old girl has been beaten by the teacher and is in coma right now… her chances of survival are very less and her fault she was not able to recite English alphabets… For this she was beaten, then made to stand in the sun for over 2 hours with bricks on her shoulders… i am trembling while writing this….

And the teacher says she has been beating kids forever, the TV even showed a clip where she was banging the head of a student on the desk…

what exactly is this??? these are the teachers we have, the ones who are going to mould the future of our little ones, the future of India?

And gosh forget abt that, can any human do this?

What punishment should be given to the teacher who didnt even sound apologetic after all this ? is there any justice that the girl can get? is there any justice that the parents can get?