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Gazal of A point and a view started Lal Bagh walk some three months back… I wanted to go last month but couldnt…. This month I made sure I did… so this sunday me and N got up early in the morning and reached Lal Bagh at 7:05 in the morning… Just when I reached there I called Gazal to figure out where is she… and got a shock, she said she has met with an accident coming to the place… Then after some 3 mins, a gentleman walked towards us and we both instantly recognised each other…. he was none other anoop aka –xh–, the hello hi were exchanged, some more people (Meenu, Padma, shanu, arun)joined in and as Gazal had insisted we carried on with the walk

Did a full round of Lal Bagh and probably realised for the first time how big it actually is… I had a blast in the walk and it was so good to see the park early in the morning.

Loved it the only regret I have is that couldn’t meet Gazal… she has had a bad accident but is doing better now… Get Well soon girl…

Incase any of u want to join in the walk next month, drop me a mail

PS: We also did a short day picnic near bangalore on Saturday, check out the details here