It was a long weekend and there were lot of chores to be taken at home due to which a long getaway couldnt be planned… but we decided to do a day picnic and the destination was Our Native Village

native village is a eco resort some 45 kms from blore, they are 75% self sustaining… generate 80% of the their own electricity using wind mill and solar, grow veggies in the farm, use well and rain water harvesting for water,use bio gas for cooking, the rooms have been built with the consideration that most of the time they are cold and even fan is not needed, the swimming pool is bio pool cleansed by plants and filters… the place has a very rustic farm feeling to it… must visit for all

We started at about 11:30 in the morning, the place is Hessarghatta near Nrityagram, we reached there in about 2 hours covering 46kms… getting out of the city was bit of a problem but after u get off the tumkur road the drive is really pleasurable….

the trees in a row somewhere on the road

and just before u hit the resort, there is a large meadow which makes u feel fantastic

the cows grazing along with the birds make it look so harmonious

The minute you enter the place the old world charm beckons u… u feel good abt the place, as we had reached only at 13:30 we proceeded directly for lunch after spending some basic time looking around and the food was really yum… basic but delicious…

Post lunch ojas had a blast playing with the stones running around the place and running after the dogs…

we also did a bullock cart ride… which was the first for me too, forget about Ojas 🙂 🙂

They also do organize village games like kite flying, gulli danda 🙂 etc

We had a blast and when it was time to come back in the evening we came back with the heavy heart that it was a day trip, would have loved to stay there in the night but alas the rooms were booked when we had called…

I surely recommend the place to everyone and I am going back there too for a weekend stay next time