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The last two weeks have been maddening in the world that I live in… not just work is at is busiest in a long time I can remember but the boss is at his nastiest best too… sigh the ways of life, its just crazy right now… I had couple of showdowns with him in the last 10 days…

And apart from work I have finally been working full swing on my Project WR, I started with a 2-week crash course in Yoga, was thinking may be will continue with him post that but didnt like the instructor he was too stuck in female/male differences for me to approve of… but I am glad that I have learnt the basic yoga asaana and now pratice them at home every alternate day in the evening and that is plus the gym I am trying to do 5-days a week…

I also did a detox diet with the Yoga instrcutor for 5-days… it was actually supposed to be a 7-day only liquid diet… as in have only fruit juices and soups… but it gave me a severe acidity problem on day 3 and hence it was changed to eating fruits for the next 2 days… it was tough but the end of it I felt good and I am down 2.5 kgs on the scales and that feels very very good

But as usual my problem is started with a bang and then leaving the enthu,l I have been wondering what to do about it… and one of the reason to put my detox diet everywhere… FB, tweet, gtalk was to put pressure on my self and our brilliant roop I think realised this and created a brilliant forum Fitness Fervor for people who want to be fit…. loose weight and gain strength and I have joined it hoping that it will bring in some determination in me and also being little scared of public humilation I might just stick to the routine this time 🙂

here is where u can see all the members… Guys wish me luck this time

In this hectic schedule we also somehow managed to do a picnic with friends in the long weekend that just went by and what fun it was… we met at a friends place, had self cooked chineese food, took all the kids to the pool and then post lunch headed towards a friends farmhouse on Sarjapur road actually after the sarjapur village… The friend is a passionate biker and has dirt bike and has built a track there for dirt biking with all the humps etc in place… so needless to say the men started biking… N just loved it and was on it for a very long time… he even did wheeling that which he claims to be his childhood dream 😉

Post that we planted some trees…

and then lit up the bornfire and setup a barbeque and eat the yummy stuff that we had marinated and took… we all had a ball of a time and spend the earth hour chating up around the bonfire and sipping beer

how are things at your end guys? work has been so busy that my reader shows me 1000+ unread items and I am just not getting the time to read them… will do that soon hopefully