what are u supposed to do when u are standing outside a department store with ur son and a lady comes up to u smiles at ur son… ur son the darling that he is gives the biggest possible smile back…

and then this is the conversation that follow:
Lady : hi baby
Ojas : biggest smile again
Lady : does he speak
me : not really
Lady : not even mamma dada
me : no
Lady : how old is he, 1 year?
me : (wants to say why are u bothering with a ques when u have an answer already but alas) 15 months
Lady : (looks at ojas from up to down) of but he is really really small
me : hmmmm
Lady : and he doesnt even speak…..
me : thanks god that N arrived with the car and we moved on

but what the f@## is this??? why cant people mind there own business… has no one ever taught them not to say nasty things to people specially strangers…

I am pissed beyond measure not because she said all these nasty things abt Ojas but because its my life, my son and she has no reason to do this

I know there are tons of these guys around, how do u deal with them?