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For those who are not very confident with Hindi… it means 201… and ya its all about my blog post… this is my post no 201 πŸ™‚

I started blogging a little less than 3 years back with this post when i look back so much has changed since then…

I have learned so much, made so many friends…

Now I think the following have become such an essential part of my life… as Dhiren mentions we have created a lovely Blog Samaj… I like the term dhiren, thanks for coining it..

Now life seems so incomplete without this blog samaj…

The daily thinking dose by IHM and the rhyming that she spread like a epidemic all through the blog samaj

the laughter attacks by Ritu and the warmth that radiates through her posts…

the small updates of my namesake’s everyday life that make u feel ya the everyday life has such charm…

chandu’s boy tales and her take on some of the issues…

Mampi’s lovely posts on whatever she writes (ya she is missing from the scene recently someone needs to remind that babe come back to the blog)

Abha’s picture posts they make u feel so good about life

Roop’s Unchaahi and Surubhi’s XX factor showed me a whole new world of Female Foeticide

and then ofcourse roops regular blog with a typical roop touch to it… if u read her u know what I mean πŸ™‚

Dhiren aka hitchwriter is finally achieving what my dad and N together couldn’t he is making me understand cricket a little… and ofcourse his lovely take on relations

Indyeah whom I started reading only recently but has a huge impact with her well actually very well researched posts

~nm for her warmth, her recipes and her pics and her darling boy Anirudh

Hip Hop Grandmom one of the first blogs I was a regular reader on and her wisdom and willingness to embrace change and live with the current times is commendable

itchy’s twins keep u amazed all the time

Iya makes u happy and proud with her take on issues and her blog has a feel good about it

Solilo for her sweet take on everything and for Peanut

Imp’s Mom for great food/nutrition tips and the lovely Imp

and many many many more bloggers that I read everyday

Now that I am writing about blogging it seems like a perfect occasion for taking up the tag that Dhiren created himself about blogging and is very interesting… so heres my take on the 7 questions he asks

Question 1.) How did you start Blogging ? When did you start Blogging ? What led to it ? In short – How come you are here…
I used to read my sisters blog who is a very good writer and one day just like that I wrote a post… I didnt know what I could write on, whether I could write or not… or after the first post will I ever write again or not… for sometime it went on like this… and then started the interaction with other people the comments and that changed pretty much everything πŸ™‚

Question 2.) How badly are you addicted to this ??
oh terribly… I wrote about it here and now everything that i see/do is viewed from a post perspective… N even says that the blog is become his dushman… and he intends to block it on my laptop. the only issue is time… a job, a baby, a house to manage leaves me with very little time for blogging… only if i had 48hrs in a day….

Question 3.) Are you technically savvy ? Totally comfortable with this ?
well I am s/w developer πŸ™‚ would that be suffice

Question 4.) Do you earn out of your blog ?
sob sob 😦 😦 the answer is no… on a serious note never thought about it that way… its just a hobby but then there is no harm in earning through a hobby… let me get adsense right away… but hey does it work? has anyone one of u got any cheque by adsense?

Question 5.) Have you ever spent money for your blog ? (bought a gadget or header or something ?)
not yet… though I am debating to get a domain for myself and if that happens I will surely spend a lot of money on the domain and the design of the seat… call me crazy sure thats what I am πŸ˜‰

Question 6.) Do you think you will stop blogging ? That this craze will wane eventually ?
Now this is an interesting question, actually I might just… just like that… like I started I might give up too… one day when I think I dont want to anymore… I am moody person… strange i am talking of giving up an addiction… I hope it was that easy

Question 7.) Have you made friends here ? Are they for real ?
ohh a lot… most of them have been mentioned above and then there are more too Afaque,–xh–,white magpie and many more… have personally met only two but all these friends are for real… u dont need to meet to make a friendship real… though would love to meet u all

And now Imp’s mom has made me feel like a queen again, the queen of award as Afaque says… she has bestowed me with many awards yet again πŸ™‚ is this for real??? Thanks Imp’s Mom u are a darling… hugs

Here are the awards

All these awards are awarded to all those mentioned in this post… please accept your awards… and thank u for bearing with me for so long πŸ™‚

and ya would love if all of you can take up the tag too…