Yesterday night I had a sudden urge to go have a ice cream and that too at Corner house… actually I have been having that urge from quite sometime now but ignoring it from sometime but yesterday it was like I NEED ONE… blore is too hot u know

While on the way to CH we saw a girl walking on the road alone carrying some luggage, it was about 10:20 in the night and road was fairly empty but not deserted… the first thing hubby said after seeing her was oh so blore can still be trusted to go out like that

And the first thing that came out of my mouth was what is the option one has… its not the trust it’s the need….

Well the argument between us continued for sometime on this and we discussed various aspects of it…

He said that she could have taken someone along, my point is that WHY? Till how long will women need to have a company of man to be safe, to feel safe.

I personally think its high time women take their security in their own hands… carry a knife, a pepper spray (I always carry one from a long time), have ur help numbers handy…. go enroll urself in quick Tai chi or self defense class, I did take one couple of years back and trust me it does wonder to ones confidence level…. be safe ofcourse but dependent not anymore…

I think its high time we take action and stand up for our own security

Though he didn’t agree to all of what I had to say and insisted that we should not be taking such a risk… I know where he is coming from, he is worried for me… but this is what we have to change… the fact that if a women steps out of the house alone we should have a reason to worry….

What are your thoughts on it?