I swear that time I will stand up
Not for what i believe in,
but for what I dont

This time I will vote,
Not for but against

Against my own helplessness,
Against my own laziness
Against two words called Chalta hai
Aganist short cuts in queues
Against cheating in exams
Against Kharcha Paani in offices
Against powerless inquiry commissions
And powerful vote banks
Against religion in politics
and politics in religion
Against illegal constructions
and legal loopholes
Agaisnt every cynic, every non-believer
Against the belief that nothing will change
Against the feeling that my
vote cannot make a difference
Against every excuse for not voting
I will do this without fear or shame
Because only by voting against all that is
destroying our todays, will I give my childern
something to vote for tommorow

My morning today started with this lovely oath in the front cover of TOI, most of u would have seen it to… but doesnt it beautifully put across the most important problems of the nation and the only possible solution… young india voting…

Take the oath here here and make a difference…