I guess most of us love speeding, it gives us a thrill, it is indeed adventurous but dont u think there has to be a limit to everything???

What do u do when people decide to speed in a place where kids are playing, people decide to speed in residential complexes?

Go read here what happened to our sweet Krish yesterday and how the bastard reacted one confronted

I have seen this happening in our complex also, inspite of the fact that there are speed limits out on every street of our layout but still people go and speed…

What Kiran experienced was a close call and thank god krish is fine… But gosh look at the reaction of this moron…

Here he is Mr. Gaurav Chopra, if i would have met u in person I would have probably slapped u hard but because I cant do I give u virtual slap on behalf of all us mothers and fathers….

Like my nephew says “Shame Shame Puppy shame on guarav” actually u are not even worth that. I am ashamed that we have people like u who don’t care about a kid’s life