I have been tagged by multiple people to do this on facebook as well as by Goofy Mumma and dearest Ritu 🙂 on my blog… so here it is… this was cross posted on Facebook too, the bloggers who I have tagged there can choose to do it wherever they want Facebook or blog… ur call just let me know 😉

Here are the rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you.

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1. I cant sleep without reading something, lullaby for me have been books for as long as I can remember
2. I have virtually lived for only ice-creams for 9 months ya i guessed it right during my pregnancy
3. I am addicted to my morning cup of tea cant open my eyes without it
4. I love cooking and innovation in cooking, I never make the same dish the same way twice hence I can never write a cookbook or a cooking blog
5. I am very very very bad at names… I’ll remember the person so many incidents and story related to him/her but the name will just not come
6. Till I was some 10 or so I didnt use to walk on the road straight, I was always jumping or walking in a dancing mode
7. I love kadhi chawal can eat it anytime and any no of times
8. Also out of 9 months of my pregnancy I was on bed rest for 6 and during that time I used to read on a average on book a day so that makes it approx 6*30 = 180 books… wow!!
9. I am a compulsive shopper… cannot survive a week without shopping… I absolutely have to buy something even if its as small as a bindi packet, a pair of junk earing or even a rubber band
10.I worry to the level of obsession about my little one being sexually abused may it is something to do with what happened in my childhood
11. I was in awe of Rajiv Gandhi, I strongly believe that if he was there India would have been in much different and better shape
12. I have an OCD of washing hands, I wash my hands atleast 20 times a day and always carry a hand sanitizer in my purse
13. I am perfect target of the cosmetic ads, if something’s newly launched I have to try it… I might just dump it after two weeks though
14. I love buying shoes and more than that I think its a necessity for me to buy shoes, no pair has ever lasted in my feet more than 6 months
15. I love rains… and love getting drenched
16. I really miss my grandma a lot a still talk to her in my dreams, she passed away 6 years ago
17. I am a huge huge Calvin and Hobbes fan, I own the complete Calvin and Hobbes collection
18.How much ever eerie it does sound, I get a same dream every year on my birthday… A dream in which I am running running and then falling into a well. Never tried to figure out what it really means and signifies. I guess I dont want to or may be dont have the guts too
19.I can not stand any violence on children, not even a small slap. I think children need to be dealt with a lot of love
20.I have always wanted to adopt a daughter dont know whether will be able to do it or not
21. I love just lying on my back on the terrace or the grass and watching clouds take various shapes… teddy bear, stars, apple anything. I make the most amusing shapes out of it
22. I love driving and along with hubby I have done Delhi to Bangalore by road 3 years back
23. am a perfect example of a sine wave when it comes to weight, going up and down all the time. I have clothes of atleast 4 sizes in my wardrobe at any given time all of which I am able to wear in the same month 🙂
24. I have always wanted to change my career and turn into a full time Organic Farmer, I am currently trying some organic farming in my backyard
25. Its my dream to go for a world tour in my mobile home after I retire and ya I want to retire at 40… gosh I have so less time left

Oops 25 is a lot… i thought this will be easy but I took a long time to finish it

Apart from the people I have tagged in Facebook, I tag each one of u who reads this… please do it and leave and comment, I want to know more about u