See this before you go ahead and read the post…

Now tell me what was your reaction to it?

I have had my blood boiling seeing this…. why u say?

I say why not? I couldnt see anything right with the ad… agree that the caption says Funny ad but excuse me I didnt find it funny at all…come on why are only girls always made fun of?

When will we for heaven’s sake accept that we atleast need equality… how to achieve it is a step to be thought about later…

The words “Ladko ko aazadi mili nahin and hum baat kartein hain naari mukti ki” (the boys havent got freedom and we talk about women’s liberation) is echoing in my head since I have heard it….

I agree there are some issues that need to be dealt at a larger level and not just women and men…I agree that there are some issues in which both men and women are suffering but then we should deal with these issues together right? there too we say and assume that men’s problem should be solved first and then comes the women…