No I am serious… At times when India is struggling with so many big issues…. education, poverty, female infanticide, terrorism, castism… I mean u name and we have it…

and there are a set of people who decide that only that is not enough we need to have some issues and now with the name of movies…

A case has been filled against Rahman and Anil, check out the news here… it fails me… office bearer of a slum dwellers’ body who has filled the case… doesnt he have anything good to do? I am sure there will 1000 problems he can try and solve if he looks inside and yet all he chooses to is file a case against Slumdog Millionare… because the movie calls the DOGS….

I have no words…. U know this is exactly why India is not progressing the way it can, when will we understand the real issues we need to stand up to???