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Me, sis A and a friend S were declared cray yesterday night that too by a server in a nice looking cafe while he was blushing away to glory and we three giggling 🙂

Confused? This is what happens when three girls who have just returned from a very satisfactory shopping trip to Commercial street spending close to 3 hours checking out things and buying quite a few too enter a newly opened place The French Quarter Bistro

We decided to go here as S had seen this place from outside and liked it and I agree that the feeling was the same once we went inside… Its spacious, open, well lit and there something abt it which makes one feel good specially after shopping 😉 as the place was new (it opened on 15th I believe) we were the only people in the cafe and hence we were free to speak as we wanted as if we cared otherwise 😉

we changed the order n number of times, modified something in one dish and something in another… told the server that ask your owner to start serving black current ice tea, he should start serving some beer too… A declared the desert she wanted to have at the end of the meal before even thinking of starters and what else it could other chocolate mouse… pulled each other’s leg.. giggled like little girls… all this when we had the whole place and the staff dedicated to us….

we had a blast and the food was excellent too… the pricing seemed to be on the higher side though but we enjoyed and then came the time when I asked him to get the bill… he asked us did we enjoy the meal and we all replied together… very much and thak comes the reply mam we enjoyed too… blushing the guy told us that he has never seen customers like us, we are so frank and happy and having so much fun…. in nutshell we are crazy 😉 and guess what we did we giggled more and S made the guy blush even more by asking his history… where is from and all that…

Girlie fun I tell u nothing can beat that…. what a glorious way to end the weekend… Long Live girlfriends!!!

PS: there is a lot more I did this weekend which I want to share but this deserved a post in itself…