Life has its own ways and it keeps showing us this time and again… We had an off on 14th for Pongal/Sankranti and had a near perfect day… got up a little late (even Ojas obliged us by sleeping till late), had a heavy brunch of stuffed bread pakoras and sweet pongal…

Lazed around at home through the afternoon, played with Ojas, spent time with N and then went for a short shopping trip in the evening and had a lovely simple dinner of channa dal pulao and curd vada, caught a movie on DVD….

Could one ask for more? Naah…. and this was the spirit when I suddenly got the news that my company has filled for bankruptcy…. which is partly untrue as it has actually filled for Chapter – 11 which is bankruptcy protection and not really bankruptcy….

But the situation is grim… as of now it seems that there will be no impact on the India center and we are all hoping that the company will come back from it stronger than ever but these are not easy clauses…

they create unrest in the mind… uncertainty in the life… people have been advising me start looking for a job before the feared happens but somehow I am not upto it… its been only 6 months since I joined this company but I feel for it, I have started thinking of it as my company and I feel like doing something for it… may be its not right for me from my career prospective… dont know… and anyways I think its too early to start looking for a change

gladly the only thing that is a saving grace is that I have loads of work in office 🙂 the company is banking heavily on the product we are working on…

so as of now I am adopting the wait and watch policy and that somehow is not a good frame of mind to be in… hope things improve soon

Whats up with ur job? has the economic recession hit u?