IHM’s post on How do u write ur post made me dig into my drafts and I am really ashamed of the no of drafts… oh gosh… too many drafts… too much confusion… too less posts πŸ™‚

anyways atleast I found one post which I could post now (infact I should have done it long back)… so after all u had a good laugh on Doc Tales-I I present to u what happened next

Me goes to the doctor with the USG report and by the report I have already figured out that I have Gall Stones ya I am a defective piece… cant even recall the amount of problems I have at 30 😦

Doc: haan so boliye
Me: hands over the report
Doc: haan so pakkad liya na chor ko
Me : smiles
Doc: there are multilple stones
Me : ya me read the report
Doc: Maine tou jaht se pakkad liya chor ko
Me : haan tou chor ko bhaganye kaise
N : controlling his laughter hard πŸ˜‰
Doc: dhekho there is only one option surgery, get the gall bladder removed
Me : what?
N : what happens after that
Doc: kuch nahin sab chalta rahega, kuch kaam nahin hai iska
Me : ok what if I dont get surgery done
Doc: jab tak stone gall main rahe koi baat nahin but agar stone gall se bahar nikalega tou do baat ho sakti hai, ya tou woh block kar dega and then emergency surgery karni padegi nahin tou acha hi hoga, stone TATTI main bahar nikal jaayega
Me : breaks into laughter πŸ™‚
Doc: kya hua?
Me : kuch nahin sorry
Doc: so agar woh TATTI main bahar nikal gaya tou acha hi hai nahin tou mushkil
N : breaks into laughter
Me : ok doctor thanks we will come back to u after thinking

OMG… help me

on the serious note there is nothing to worry and I am taking homeopathy treatment for the same and feeling much better πŸ™‚