What does one do when all that everyone around wants is their comfort… I am abs irritated since I lost my phone. It was on Friday just the day my maid went for her vacations and today is Wednesday that means 6 days without… Its been 6 days and I havent been able to buy one yet… reason simple I am the only one responsible for Ojas currently and he is not well enough to be taken for shopping…

And no one cares… Can N not take couple of hours off and ask me to go and get one. infact all he has is ideas, we cant afford this but u should not be buying it and then finally its ur phone its ur call…. excuse what is the call left here now????

And then there is my dear sis, who is currently using my standby handset and when I told her that I was thinking that I will use this for a while she is telling ok go buy one more standby and I’ll pay for it… goddamit if I had the time to go buy why would I use the standby???

Why cant people think of others at times and it hurts even more when the person doing this is someone close…

Warning: This post is about taking out my frustrations… May be i mean or dont mean what i am writing but its coming to my mind and hence i want to take it out and just after writing this I am already feeling better