Yesterday night at 9:30pm, I just kinda broke down… told my hubby I can bear to watch TV anymore… and it was all disgusting… scaring, I actually cant even describe the feeling…

WE ordered some food and decided to watch Rock On CD that we have bought last week… it was a very welcome change… I dont know whether it was the stress of the last two days or what but we found laughing much more than we normally did… there was one point of time my sis and hubby said that what has happened to u control yourself, I guess it was my way of taking a break…

and then this morning I got up with a churn in my stomach, feeling guilty, guilty of a crime… guilty of laughing… where have we come, why has the world become like this that we have to feel guilty of laughing?

In the end something u would have read before but came to me in the mail this morning and I loved for its simplicity and profound depth..

” Forgiving Terrorists is left to GOD. But fixing their appointment with GOD is our responsibility”