Long long ago Gazal had tagged me to take up the Tagaddiction and then I was tagged again by Swati for the same… finally got myself to do it… I am way too lazy with tags….

1.Ek garam chai ki payali ho : ya I cant open my eyes fully without my morning cup of tea and that too shared with hubby and preferably made by him 🙂
2.Google : oh i am addicted to google like crazy, anything new, anything different, any information I need I turn to my best friend google…. the other day my mil and I were discussing about some grain, she only knew the telegu name and I needed to know the english or hindi name to buy it and guess what helped us… google… my hubby and sis teases me a lot after saying something…. go google it 🙂 I think its a boon to mankind
3.My cell, my camera : cant survive without both, my urge to talk and my fascination for taking pictures and now thanks to technology they have merged into one, my machine Nokia N82 (which sucks BTW), planning to change it sometime may be to a iphone
4.Blogging : he he I have said that before how addicted I am
5.Music : cant live without it… it has to be on while working specially…. my mind seems to stop working if I cant hear any music in the background…

Now coming to passing of the tag… this tag has been doing rounds since ages I am sure everyone would have done it till now and incase u havent consider yourself tagged and drop a comment