Breakthrough which in their own words is “an innovative, high-impact international human rights organisation using the power of popular culture, media, and education to transform public attitudes and promote values of equality, justice, and dignity around the world. It serves as a new breed of global non-profit groups using entertainment, media, pop culture to create global social change.” has started a brilliant project called Bell Bajao which is all about standing up against domestic violence…

Now as a feminist or rather choose to say someone who believes in equal rights for women I think this is one important aspect which needs to be wiped away from the society… Now and then I try to do whatever little I can

This site has a lot of information, blog posts that give u so much information and at the same time shake u completely… u can go post your own article, I did… I think all of u should specially IHM…. and if nothing else go read the stuff there and get motivated to do something about it…

PS: edited to add the video which I missed the first time