a person hits someone leaves him unconscious on the road and comes back to hospital to apologize 3 hours later….

I had done a post on how humanity on the road is dead but what happened now has left me confused

Ya that’s what happened… one of our very close family friends son met with an accident last week, he was spotted lying unconscious on the road side by an acquittance (thank god for that)… the kind soul rushed him to the hospital and then called his parents… he is fine now though on bed rest for 4 weeks atleast as he has had multiple fracture in knee and gone through a surgery for the same but that’s besides the point…

so after these guys had reached hospital and very busy getting things sorted… confused as we didn’t even know how the accident has happened as the guy couldn’t remember anything… there comes a guy who comes and says sorry… his accident happened with my bike… he came in front way too fast and I couldn’t control… frankly my mind went blank and I didn’t even apply brakes… I knew he is badly hurt as he went unconscious at that time only but I had to go to office so I went off… and then later I realized that its not right and I went looking at the accident site and figured out that he has been brought to this hospital… please let me know if u need any help…

So what does one do? Get angry that he left the boy unconscious on the road when he needed help? atleast he could called from his cell phone… that doesnt take too much time or Feel good that he atleast has some conscious and guilt in him….

what do u feel?