Yesterday my sister did something that I dont really approve of and I didnt like though I knew its not very serious the conversation that followed was as below

me: if u do this i’ll tell (ya ya we still do that to each other… and stop laughing on that)
my sis: if u tell dad i will i will i will DO SOMETHING VERY BAD (stressed as the caps would have suggested)
me: what will u do
sis: something bad very bad
me: but what
we both are laughing
sis: i will burn ur favourite dress
me: i can open ur wardrobe too
sis: offo….
me: he he he loud laughter
sis: louder laugh
sis: i will tell u tmrw morning what i will do, i will think of it in my dreams and tell u
me: and i will give u and answer there and then will not need to sleep for that
both: ROFL

and the laughter prevails till hubby gets worried and asks if everything all right… we are mad sisters arent we…. but then u can do this only with a sister and no one else