inspite of all my cribs about missing Delhi and diwali in Bangalore not being good this diwali was surprisingly brilliant… Bangalore had a lot of festivity in the air too… and that too for three days as there was some major confusion here as in when is Diwali… some said Monday, some Tuesday and some even Wednesday… he he all in all there were three days of fun instead of one… even better isn’t it… my celebrations were almost a week long… so beware of a long post here…

My festivities started on Friday itself when i was dolled up for the celebrations in office… and I had a blast… at the office entrance they had made this lovely flower arrangement….

And then there was this mr nortel and ms nortel contest and it was fun watching it… its good to have events like this in office… everyone was decked up in the best of ethnic wears.. u could see ladies in nice sarees, jewelry and flowers… guys in kurta payjamans and even dhotis… it was all so colorful and festive… gave a new look and the freshness to office…

There was also a cubicle decoration competition and people got very innovative… some of the interesting ones…

simple yet nice and carries of the diwali theme
whatever has diwali to do with animal kingdom, snow world and solar system… but i guess the person put in a lot of effort

isnt the ganesha drawn on the board so pretty

i know this one seems more like dasshera but i still like it

post all these celebrations we had a special lunch in office which was a sad story… there were some dosas… chats and sweets for the lunch and because they were making everything fresh there was a long long queue at all.. I decided to give that a skip and grabbed a sandwich instead

After that I headed to Lakme Beauty Salon for pedicure, manicure and a facial… the pedicure and manicure were a pure bliss.. totally relaxed me… post that I headed for the facial, it started with a nice back massage… then she did a little bit of massage on the face and then applied the molding mask… and now here is where the problem starts… the mask got stuck to my face and refused to come out… I really don’t know what she has done wrong because I had got this facial done before too but this time it was mess.. it took 30 mins, 4 people, lots of oil and water and some of my precious tears too…ya I agree I cried but it was hurting… finally when it came off… I breathed a sigh of relief and so did everyone I guess.. they apologized profusely… gave me a good aloe face massage post that and didnt take the money for anything from me… the owner actually called me the next day to check if i was doing fine… so it was a mistake that happened but their behavior post that made my anger melt away…

The weekend was very busy in Diwali shopping… bought some clothes for Ojas, some gifts for friends and relatives and for the house helps… and then Sunday afternoon we started from the house for the regular weekly vegie shopping and suddenly hubby announced that he is going no shopping woppping and he is taking the car for a drive and because I am sitting in the car I will have to come along 🙂 smart right? So we just started driving whereever the road took us… went on the sarjapur road crossed the sarjapur village and drove on in the wilderness and jungles (we were shocked to see such dense jungle so near to blore) upto a small village called ChikTirupathi and then headed back… it was a nice drive… BTW we came back we had some friends over for sometime… shared a drink with them, some quick snacks… Ojas played with their daughters… and couldn’t stop kissing the younger one (5 months old)… this guy is going to grow up to be a flirt… played some teen patti… all in the diwali spirit

Monday morning i got up and made a nice lunch of rajmah, stuffed brinjal, raita, methi dal, peas pulao and one of my inventions Pappaya Kheer (I will post the recipe soon) as my sil and family were coming for lunch… We all really enjoyed as it was after a long time that we were all spending some leisure time together… myself, hubby and bil had a couple of drinks and the kids played like crazy… Ojas too enjoyed himself and then we burst some crackers…. I am usually against crackers but that my sil’s son called me up and said auntie can we please bring some crackers… they are the ones in which no child labor is involved… it was so sweet that I couldnt say no…. Surprisingly Ojas was not at all scared of the crackers… infact he really loved the sparklers… and would get scared only by that long laadis… and what can he do even we get irritated by those right?

thats my sil’s son Ramy playing with Pja’s dholak

Ojas with my sil and bil

my sil’s daughter Tatwamayi

The same night we were invited for a dinner at a friends place… and more than us it was Ojas who had fun… he kept playing till abt 10:30 in the night when he finally slept…

Tuesday was when we actually celebrated Diwali… It was working for hubby (actually it was working for me too but then when my boss came to know that for me diwali is on Tuesday only he told me not to come to work, can u have a sweeter boss) so he left early morning saying that he would be back home for lunch… even my sis left saying she would come early… so it was me and the mil so got started with decking up the house… we made rangolis… I cooked some nice lunch with phirni as a dessert which came out really well… My new maid took to the task of making rangoli’s with colors and made some lovely ones…. Ojas was fascinated with all this… in the evening I lighted diyas all over the house…got ready did pooja and then went off to attend one more teen patti party 🙂

the rangoli

lighted up with diyas

the entrance to my house

the window sill

floating candles on my dining table

the staircase landing

my handsome prince

and last but not the least… the happy family

On this diwali was indeed a memorable one… Hope u guys had fun too… Share what all u did on diwali… would love to read the same… I specially waiting for Ritu’s Hallowali update…