The other day I was coming back from the airport and infront of me I saw a car touching a kinetic and it fell down… and the car guy just drove away without bothering anything about the person who has fell down… I couldn’t get myself to do the same so stopped my car in the side and went to the girl… I asked her if she needs any help… thankfully she wasn’t hurt much atleast no bruises etc… (rest she’ll anyway know next day morning…) when I came back to my car I observed that everyone is giving me dirty looks…I couldn’t understand why so I just shrugged and kept walking towards my car and then one guy shouted at me and said…. Gaadi chalani nahin aati tou mat chalaya karo… accident kar diya na (if u dont know how to drive please dont drive)

Then I understood all the dirty looks are because people think that I did the accident… its not in our DNA to think that someone could have actually stopped the car to help the person who has fallen down… how strange right? One of the most basic thing like humanity has become so distant to us…. Or was it because I was a female driving and they assumed that I would have done the accident…. In both the case it makes me wonder when will the attitude of the people change…

What u do think it was?

On a happy note I finally found a baby sitter for my son and I am going back to work full time tmrw… my son likes her and currently I guess that was the most important thing 🙂 now just hoping she stays…..