the day on the road was jinxed today I guess… I was driving blisfully some half a km away from my house on the outer ring road when one truck driving in my side suddenly wanted to overtake the vehicle in the front and turned right without any indication whatsoever and I had to sudden break kssssssshhhhhhhhhhh and thaaaaaaaaaak there is a biker who hits me from behind… I got down and saw the biker, examined my car… thankfully not much damage was done to either but the smarty truck driver drove away merrily… after exchanging a few words we both also started pur journey back….

And after some time near the Agara Lake road… a policeman stopped me… I promptly stopped my car.. anyways its a rarity in blore for policemen to stop cars.. they usually fulfill their challan qouta by bikers only…. Tell me dont u agree with me on this? How many times have u seen the policemen in blore stopping cars?

Anyways going further I got down from the car and he said wait for 2 mins and then came another policeman with a paper in his hand… the paper looked something like this….

Ya its a speeding ticket and the car on the right hand side is mine… sob sob… so the day was meant to be bad on the road… just praying for a eventless return journey to home…

That apart actually I was mazed at the technology the police were using today…. starting from the above pic which they have taken from a radar enabled camera… after that the policeman was carrying a blackberry and he entered the various details like car no, DL no etc in that and then he had a seperate machine with which he communicated via the blackberry bluetooth and thak came my ticket print… and as informed by him the machine would have also updated the ticket details in the control server impressive isnt it? and then he had a credit card swiping machine too 🙂 Great gizmos…

the blore police is going hitech these days but then all this make me wonder if they can do all this why cant they invest in some good alcohol breath detectors…. why do they have come close I mean really close to u to check whether u are smelling of beer or whisky to know u are drunk… Anyone driving in blore on a saturday night would know what I mean… I wonder

PS: Please forgive the quality of the pic… this is scanned by the office copier because the camera of my Nokia N82 is not working since ages but then thats an another post