It was Nanda Devi on 4th August and now barely months after that its Jodhpur Temple

146 people dead in the first incident, about 180 in the recent one… How many families does this account to? How many women widowed, how many children orphaned… Some even to the extent that the whole families are dead apart from a small kid… what will they do now…

Questions like this haunt me and then I wonder what are we doing about it? Rather what are the concerned people, the authorities doing about it? Announce some money for the dead which in some case will not even reach the concerened relative, in some cases of the whole family dead some distant relative who hasn’t seem them for years will crop up to the take the money and then is money the solution for life?

All this keeps happening… People like u and me blog about it and the forget it, press reports it for a few days and forget it, politicians and the authorities I guess they are the worst… just take a round and forget abt it…

Why cant something be done about it? yahi hai kya aam aadmi ki kimat?