Renu thinks I am a million dollar friend… i am honored… Friendship is a very precious relation and knowing that someone considers u a million dollar friend… thats wow!!!! Thanks a ton Renu… u are an amazingly warm person

This what Renu thinks about me……

“She has a certain individuality which is very endearing, and one thing is special, she always agrees with me but PARTLY, I am waiting for the day she will agree with me completely:).”

And agreeing partly is a great observation Renu 🙂

So now its my turn to pass on this…

1. Life begins as she said I too can relate to her so much… currently her life is almost a reflection of mine…work, home and babies of the same age 🙂 and thus the instant bonding

2. Monika,ansh her everyday life is so interesting inst it 🙂

3. Mampi her poetry, her take on life all impart warmth and a feeling of a security around