Thats what I used to call my nanima(my mom’s mom) and she is one person who has made the greatest difference in my life… when I was child I literally used to be living with her, we had a house 1/2 km away from theirs and mom used to leave me there when she went for work… and when she came back to fetch me I would refuse to go… I would sit for her for hours together listening to her stories, songs and ya cribs too 🙂 everyday she would give me 2 rupees to buy something I want and then some days she would buy us samosa and jalebis from the street halwai… those days were such fun… we were about 5 children living together – we 3 sisters and 2 of my mama’s son and somehow she always had a special inclination towards me… all my cousins used to tease me and her that badi mummy tou woh teri hi hai (she is only ur granny) and then aap tou sirf mona se hi pyaar karte ho (u love only love mona)… time went on we grew up but along with that my bond with her grew… i would talk to her about my school, my college, my boyfriends 🙂 and she fell a little sick… it was nothing serious but her health was not as it was before… during this time I had to move to Bangalore in Sep 2001 and a month after I came here I go to know that she is deteriorating… and I went back home in October to meet her as she was asking for me…. I still remember the way we hugged each other and cried when we met… and the next day she passed away….

My mom tells me that she was just waiting for you and I tell her then may be I shouldnt have come she would have been alive now….

Its been 7 years and I still dream about it her every now and then… I still miss her and cry… and from the past 10days I am really missing her a lot may be its because of my bro’s wedding… Badi mummy I miss u and love u, hope u know this wherever u are……….