I had been meaning to get a spa experience from quite sometime now… just that somehow it didn’t happen so our recent vacation to Kerala was a perfect reason to indulge…. And plus our friend who had arranged for our resort etc had strongly recommended the massage centre of the resort… so one evening after finishing the day’s activities we were all relaxing I told hubby to take care of Ojas for sometime and walked proudly to the massage centre… with great confidence and poise as if I am a regular at getting massages done I discussed and finalized one massage with the lady, she then told me to wait for 10 mins and then she will start…. She took me in exactly after 10 mins and handed over a strip of cloth to me and asked me to remove my clothes… now I was somewhat prepared that I would have to strip to a two-piece and I removed my skirt and top and just sat on the massage bed while she was heating the oil and when she turned back this is what happened :

MG : mam I asked u to remove ur clothes
ME : ya I have removed them
MG: no mam u have to remove all ur clothes, even bra and panty
ME: whaaaaaaaaaaaat????????
MG: ya mam that’s why I have given u that cloth, u can tie it in place of the panty
ME: no way
MG: u have to mam this is the tradition of kerala massages… I would have told u but it felt that I have already got them before (bingo so all this because of ur over confidence now suffer Ms. Monika)
ME: no no u do it like this na its ok
MG: no mam its against our tradition we cant, its just initial 3-4 mins then u will not feel awkward (what the heck I will die of embarrassment)
ME: its ok I think I will skip the massage
MG: no madam its not’ good the god will be angry (so here comes one more senti)
ME: ok

And then reluctantly I stripped ya completely and that lady comes with some oil, starts saying some prayers puts some oil on my boobs and starts massaging… I freaked out but then as she said 3-4 mins post that with my eyes closed I was indeed enjoying the massage… she did a whole body massage, head massage and a face massage (which was better than any massage I have ever got in any facial)… all this while I was lying down on a wooden bed and then she asked me to get up slowly and then came the other shock… the amount of oil she had used oh my god I think 10 people can use that amount of oil for hair for 1 year  but I guess that is the whole funda of pampering u will loads of everything, the massage was followed by a steam bath which was very relaxing and refreshing after the kadak (tight) massage and post that came what I have always seen in spa ads and all, I was taken to a bath tub with lovely fragrance (though minus the rose petals)… all in all I enjoyed my massage experience after making a fool out of myself initially……….