Saturday was a day for me to visit doctors sob sob 😦 the problem in my hand was seeming to come back so I thought I might as well go and show it… the doc has advised me to wear a wrist splint and do a MRI and then go back to him…

Apart from that I also had a dentist appointment in the afternoon, now dentist are the doctors I hate most….one the toothache is a really bad pain but I think more than that its the discomfort and the whole exprenience u have at the dentist clinic… imagine a strange man standing almost on ur head and digging and drilling in ur mouth with some weird instruments… so uncomfortable and so yuck…. the doc has told me that I need a RCT… and more than that he told me that the whole problem is because the lower tooth was extracted some time back and I should get a dental implant which is amazingly expensive, painful and a long process…. hate to think about it but looks like multiple visits to the dentist are lined up