Both me and the country turn an year older tomorrow… So here wishing u all a very happy independence day and wishing myself a very happy birthday 🙂

Its actually been quite a year for me as well as India… from the tamasha in the parliament to wining the gold… from bomb blast in various states to the infrastructure development… I hope India shines at the world horizon very soon…. Proud to be an Indian… vande matram…. Actually if u ask me India just needs u and me and everyone else to stand up for India, think of it as our home and try to solve problems at our level and then it will surely roll up too…….

And then if u have been following the blog u know… the biggest change in me is the change in status from a working female to a working mother 🙂 quite some change i tell u… still trying to adjust 🙂

And because of these two occasions and it been a long weekend… I am off to God’s Own country Kerala to celebrate and will be back on tuesday… till then you guys have a blast of time on the independence day long weekend…. and keep the patriot in u alive….

Happy Independence Day!!!