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Terror struck Bangalore on Friday and then Gujarat on Saturday… multiple bombs, multiple life… most of them low intensity though… people claiming the responsibility and in Gujurat’s case daring to send an email even before the incident had actually happened.

I sometime wonder what do these people get out of killing inocent people and spreading fear like this… I sometimes wonder what goes through a terrorist’s mind when he plants the bomb…. I was chatting with one of my friends over the weekend who mentioned that they are right in the their own perspectives… they are fighting for the things that they consider their right… just as bhagat singh and all did… they too were called terrorist by the British as we are calling them… and when they win they will be called shaheed’s too…. Bhagat sing along with his people was surely called a terrorist by British but did any one of them ever go and kill innocent people like this? It gives me shudders to think that someone who can kill so many innocent people can ever be respected and called a shaheed?