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One downpour and the result… clogged drains… flooded roads… current less houses and roads full of traffic jams… one heavy set of rains and blore comes to a standstill… what kind of a IT centre of India this is?

I wrote this soometime back and got into some work and now when I read it again I realized how cynical have I become about life… Blore has been more or less like this since past sometime but I never used to crib so much… I need to do something about it… these days I am cribbing about anything and everything

On the lighter node, I am totally hooked out on to Rabbi Shergill’s new album Avengi Ja Nahin… I first heard it online at Mampi (though she seems to have removed it from there and I am very disappointed) and totally loved it… the guy is amazing with the guitar… one of the few indian players who really do it well… though for the people who dont understand Punjabi it can become a little repetitive but still I strongly recommend if u liked his first album “Rabbi” the one famous for Bulla Ki Jaana Main Kuan