Last week was a week filled with events…. the problem that had been on my head from quite sometime now seems to get fixed as of now. I finally found a new nanny for Ojas and as of now she seems to be fine, she is good with my son though has thousands of conditions and ifs and buts but currently I am in situation where beggars cant be choosers so fine with her… who had ever thought that there will be a point of time in life when we will think this way about maids… Was reading this article in House Help cant be unionized TOI about the law on household help that is being considered according to that we will have to pay PF etc to them… if they are behaving this way now God knows what will happen if the law was passed…. sometimes I wonder that this inbetween life is the worst… it was easier for our parents as they had lesser options and lesser resources so they couldn’t afford the way we are handling things and it would probably be better for our children also who would reached the maturity level that daycares and self help would be the way life would be led just as in the US currently.. its our generation who is making the transition and totally confused 🙂

In office things seem to be settling down… there is not much work currently though… the company is going through a phase where they are trying to hire more people in India and try to transition work from US to here and so there is mixed bag, little work… resistance from the Us team to send work here… I have gone thruough it all in my prevouos company and its tedious long process to fianlly establish harmony in both the locations but it finally does… so currently just enjoying this time and taking it easy as I am getting more time to spend with Ojas as a consequence 🙂 the office has also moved location and the travel time seems to much lesser than before though today is the first day I have come here so don’t really want to confirm on that opinion

The weekend went off in a jiffy… same things u know trying to search for space to breath… not in the literal sense but in the sense of independence and freedom… wondering what is the solution to this anyways… Sunday evening I went to fulfill my long standing wish buy a Solitaire ring and trust me shopping always peps up 🙂 and someone has rightly said that diamonds are girls best friends… feeling delighted after having it…..