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I am usually a fast driver on the road but these days in blore u hardly have roads in which u can speed up but owing to the fact that these days I am always in a hurry on road… hurry to reach office as I am late… hurry to reach back home as maid has to go…. etc etc… I usually find my ways to quickly get ahead and specially the road that I drive on everyday. By now I exactly know that which lane would move faster on which time of the day 🙂

So today morning when I was driving to work I was driving in my usual manner, getting in my selected lanes, overtaking people and getting ahead.. after sometime I noticed one black honda city (I noticed it because it was looking lovely… it was the 10th anniversary edition with slightly different lights) after having a glance I just moved on as usual… after sometime I saw the guy overtook me and try to pass a smile kinds… I thought it strange but ignored… and kept on moving ahead, somewhere on the way I would have probably overtaken this guy (without noticing) cause what I see is that this comes with a speed from behind and comes in front of my car and start driving slowly at a snails pace, he was actually giving side to everyone to come ahead of him… strange isnt it… when will men learn to accept that there could be some better women drivers on the road…

There have been enough incidents which men have tried to overtake me back with anger but usually ignore them and let me think that they are the better drivers 🙂 (though I rate myself as a good driver and that is a compliment I have got from many people including my hubby who is generally so very critical of people’s driving) but this one really felt strange… this incident also made me recall one such episode that has happened with one of my acquittance… he was driving back from gurgaon to delhi post work and couple of overtakes with each other happened with one guy and then this guys comes like one full filmi scene in front of the car stops and then bangs the windscreen and breaks it… can u believe it… and then when this girl launched a police complaint he had the guts to say that yes I did it because she made me angry by overtaking me 2-3 times and the policeman is telling this girl “beta dont do like that… girls should drive slow” Men and their huge egos at display yet again. Will their be one area any one place where men can accept the rise of new age woman….