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About 2 years back we had brought an elephant home, an elephant that can sprint and it’s the cheetah now, a cheetah that’s rock steady… we recently bought a Mistubushi Cedia Sports and I was much more impressed by it than I was in the test drive 

The car is a racer… zip zip zip… fastest 0-60 in its segment and one can surely feel it. The torque is so brilliant that u don’t need to worry about changing gears at all most of time and that really helps in blore traffic  though have not taken it to limits as there is a 100km cap on the limits u can take it to… and here are the limits:

1 gear – 20 kmph
2 gear – 60kmph
3 gear – 85 kmph
4 gear – 110kmph
5 gear – 150kmph

Ya ya I can see u all are laughing now as we did when we read it, gosh are these constraints… as if in a city like blore we would ever be able to take it above 110 let alone 150

Couple of things that’s a huge change for us as we have been driving the elephant for quite some time now are the turning radius. U don’t need to think abt that at all now but I guess that would come as package with any sedan….

The other thing that makes cedia brilliant in my point of view is the rock steady suspension…. so soft and so hard at the same time, soft at the small potholes and hard at the bigger one… What a comfort & brilliant ride… we are both dying to take it a for a long drive now

PS: I know its not a great pic, but my son is not keeping too well and hence not able to click more… will post more pics as soon as he gets well