Manpreet tagged me on this one and I really liked this tag a lot. Took me into a self retrospective mode after long… hope u enjoy reading it

I’m: full of energy, a lovable and a loving person
I think: way too much for some things and too less for some
I know: I am shopoholic
I want: to loose lots of weight and get back in shape.
I have: a fantastic family
I wish: to own a mobile home and go driving around the world with hubby and also do something about girl child education
I hate: people just cribbing about bad things in India but doing nothing about it infact making it worse by their actions
I miss: being my free self
I fear: being in a situation when I cant do my day to day activities on my own
I feel: great
I hear: lots of small discussions going on in office right now
I smell:.my hubby’s musk after shave
I crave: a good book, bottle of beer and the beach
I search: for everything, I never find something when I need it but would keep stumbling on it otherwise
I wonder: what is ones purpose in life
I regret: nothing
I love: music, books and driving
I ache: for children overburdened with books and competition these days
I care: for people in my life and environment
I am not: coldhearted.
I believe: world is a fantastic place to live in and most people are good it’s the circumstances that make them bad.
I dance: to almost everything with my heart
I sing: very badly
I cry: very quickly, my mom says my tears are located in my eyelids
I don’t always: listen to others
I fight: quickly and forget it even quicker
I write: to collect my memories and pour my thoughts
I win: some
I lose: some (my funda of life)
I never:.was thin
I always: look for new places to travel and new books to read
I confuse: bhaji, bhanji, chach, tayi in general whom to call what in terms of relationships
I listen: to anything that sounds good… from pink flyod to jagjit singh and ustad ajad ali khan
I can usually be found: with my cellphone  something I cant live without
I am scared: of people who behave like chameleons
I need: 10 hours uninterrupted sleep 
I am happy about: life

I really dont enjoy tagging people a lot cause I know of some who hate been tagged so anyone who wants to take this up is welcome